• Home Manager
    All of your critical home info. At your fingertips.
  • Smart notifications and part specifications. Accessible anywhere.
    Maintenance Reminders
  • Information for trades and future owners. Shared seamlessly.
    Future-proof Information

Home Manager Helps


Home Manager delivers huge savings in time and money compared to printed 3-ring binders, while providing clients with a superior, high-value product. By empowering owners with information on care, maintenance and service, follow-up calls after move-in are significantly reduced. The information also survives occupancy turnover and can be shared seamlessly with future residents.


With calendar reminders for routine maintenance and easy access to manuals, specifications and replacement parts, Home Manager makes proper maintenance easy and simple. When repairs are needed, links to the original sub-contractor and qualified local trades make troubleshooting and scheduling repairs painless.


Home Manager provides decals with QR codes that can be installed near electrical panels, HVAC units and kitchen cabinets, providing trades easy access to the home’s original information. Building plans, product specifications and builder contact info make troubleshooting and recommending repairs easier and quicker for everyone.

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